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HD-Video, 5'07"


The video 'La Rivoluzione' is composed of footage taken at a projection event of the Italy-Spain Euro final.

The immediate context hinted by the piece is the political context. Evident already in its title, it is also reiterated in the flags, in the singing of the national anthem, and in the torrent of ecstatic people, united by the Italian national context, who wash over the piece. Specifically, the video associates the aesthetics used in entertainment with the political that manifests itself in culture – an age old bond connecting the stadium in Rome to the amphitheatre of the Roman Empire, and the football match to the gladiator battles. Indeed, Rome provides the video 'La Rivoluzione' with a fitting context and a rich (albeit ultimately degenerate) tradition for the relation between entertainment and politics: from the days of Pax Romana, through Christianity and the Catholic Church, to mid-twentieth century Fascism. And so, in La Rivoluzione, people of all religions, races, and genders come together under national cultural representations, driven by hope and faith.

[Menahem Goldenberg] *Click to read full article


*The Video soundtrack is composed along side the song: 'La Rivoluzione' by Gianni Pettenati (1967, Sanremo festival).







2018   Beer Sheva Short Film Festival, Old city, Beer Sheva, Israel

2017   'Citizens', Petah-Tikva Museum of art. Curator: Neta Gal-Azmon

2016   All in One, PensoGiovane Organization, Chiari, Italy. Curators:  Linda Alborghetti, Marco Bellini & Leonardo Maccagnola



Video Preview


©Eyal Segal

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