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HD-Video, 2'28"

Original Score: Isaac Shushan

This video was shot in October 2012 in Wadi Rum, Jordan, an area populated by Bedouin tribes. Known as The Valley of the Moon by its local inhabitants, Wadi Rum likely derives its name from the Aramaic expression for ‘high’ or ‘elevated’. In the West, Wadi Rum is probably best known due to its ties to British officer Thomas Edward Lawrence – better known as Lawrence of Arabia – who lived in the area during the Arab Revolt of

1916–1918. Lawrence’s first book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, is named after the mountains surrounding the Wadi. Alongside Lawrence of Arabia, the work’s title also references a famous painting by Georgia O'Keeffe, The Lawrence Tree (1929), which depicts a nocturnal landscape with a tree in the New Mexico desert (O’Keefe’s painting was named after British author D. H. Lawrence). The work is complemented by an original soundtrack composed by Isaac Shoshan, which gives it its inner voice.




Video Preview




2021   HOPE, RAKFAF-9th Annual Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival, The United Arab Emirates. 

2019  The house of Dwelling, Carmel Forest Spa Resort, Israel. 

2019  The Spirit of the Poet, Zentrum für verfolgte Künste | Center for Persecuted Arts, Solingen, Germany. 

2018   Beer Sheva Short Film Festival, Old city, Beer Sheva, Israel

2018   GROUND LEVEL, *Solo Exhibition, LOKO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan *partnership program: The Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions

2017   Arad: From Vision to Delusion - Chapter 1, Arad Contemporary Art Center, Israel.

2016   (Dis)place, Ashdod Art Museum, Ashdod, Israel.

2014   NEXT STATION, The new Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, / WWSF Storefront gallery, New York.

2014   VIDEOHOLICA 7, International video art festival, Varna, Bulgaria.

2014   Privilege Point, Spirit of Israel at HerzeLilenblum Museum of Banking and Tel Aviv Nostalgia, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

2014   SlideLuck TLV III, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

2014   Earth, The Apter Barrer Art Center In Maalot, Israel

2013   Quarantine, Hansen Center of Design, Media and Technology, Jerusalem.






©Eyal Segal

Public domain videos can be viewed and shared with others as long as the authorship is credited and there is a link back to the website of the author. These videos cannot be altered in any way or used for commercial purpose nor cannot be displayed or exhibited without the consent of the artist.

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