Artist Statement

The New Artist / Eyal Segal    [may, 2012]



The new artist will be a hybrid. The new artist is a multidisciplinary, autodidact,

intelligent and ignorant in a way.

The new artist will be a painter, photographer, designer, he will do video art, sculptures, installations,

the artist will be a director, curator, a Mediator.

The new artist is a writer, a poet. He will explore the nights and stars; he will get closer to the sun.

The new artist is a dictator of Subconscious.

The new artist could be an engineer, publisher, lawyer, business man, dealer, philosopher, a woman,

an inventor, a scientist, a mathematician, he is a magician.

The new artist is unaware, a narcissist, arrogant, politician, crafty, chameleon, practical, autistic,

nomad, naive, meditative, ambivalent and quiet.

The new artist is much like the old artist's.

The new artist is very sensitive when he wishes to be.

The new artist will have to fight as a reality star, a fragment of the new culture.

The new artist must not be an instant artist.

The new artist must be a dreamer. The new artist must not be afraid to claim and say:

I am the new artist.