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Artist Statement

The New Artist / Eyal Segal    [April, 2012]



The new artist will be a hybrid. The new artist is a multidisciplinary, autodidact,

intelligent and ignorant in a way.

The new artist will be a painter, photographer, designer, he will do video art, sculptures, installations,

the artist will be a director, curator, a Mediator.

The new artist is a writer, a poet. He will explore the nights and stars; he will get closer to the sun.

The new artist is a dictator of Subconscious.

The new artist could be an engineer, publisher, lawyer, businessman, dealer, philosopher, a woman,

an inventor, a scientist, a mathematician, he is a magician.

The new artist is unaware, a narcissist, arrogant, politician, crafty, chameleon, practical, autistic,

nomad, naive, meditative, ambivalent, and quiet.

The new artist is much like the old artist's.

The new artist is very sensitive when he wishes to be.

The new artist will have to fight as a reality star, a fragment of the new culture.

The new artist must not be an instant artist.

The new artist must be a dreamer. The new artist must not be afraid to claim and say:

I am the new artist.


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