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HD-Video, 3'53"


While using a poetic-aesthetic approach and roam visually through places far from the eye, Eyal Segal invades a deserted silo in the Arava dessert. In Columba Riot the camera penetrates into an abandoned concrete structure populated by pigeons. A mysterious, even intimidating, atmosphere develops: footsteps on layer of droppings, feathers scatter through the air, birds flutter in front of a barred window, and a blurred figure passes through all these. There is no plot, although old ones spring to the viewer's mind (like Hitchcock's movie 'The Birds'), creating a surreal combination of seduction and horror, the symbolic and the concrete.

The setting is an agricultural-industrial enterprise - a feed-silo in an industrial zone in the Arava that was abandoned before it started operating. Nature took over the empty silo, and pigeons converted it into a present-day columbarium. Free and independent, the birds hover around the intruder who has infiltrated their living-space. [Dalia Manor]







2019   'ΞΟΥΘ Festival', Athens, Greece. ARTENS: curator: Evi Peterson, Get [it] out of your system, Curator: by Gioula Papadopoulou 

2016   'The Age of mankind', Projectspace of Group Global 3000, Berlin. Germany. Curators: Tom Albrecht & Robert Günther

2015   'Release: Return',Solo Exhibition, FUGA budapest center of architecture, Budapest, Curator: Lili Boros 

2013   'Falling into Place',  The Negev Museum of Art, Beer Sheva.  Solo Exhibition, Curator: Dr. Dalia Manor

2013   ‘BMW- Workshop’ - Baltic Mediterranean Workshop, Marseille (Marseille-Provence 13 Capitale Europenne de la Culture*)

2012   'MuazzIn', Kayma Gallery, Jaffa. curator: Marie Shek

Video Preview


©Eyal Segal

Public domain videos can be viewed and shared with others as long as the authorship is credited and there is a link back to the website of the author. These videos cannot be altered in any way or used for commercial purpose nor cannot be displayed or exhibited without the consent of the artist.

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