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Two Channel HD-Video, 14'27"

(Filmed in Masada, Israel & in Sengakuji Temple, Tokyo, Japan)


Filmed in two separate locations, in Israel and Japan, and have been done as a last piece for the Exhibition; GROUND LEVEL. The artist choose to deal with two locations that are both contain motifs stories of history involving life and death in the two cultures, Judea and Japan. Focusing on the place as a trace that continues to exist even after many years have gone by, Segal shows the shapes of 1007 characters in lost time and us ourselves who exist in the same historical line as them. The diptych could be meeting point between east and west and raises questions of human nature, morality, life and death, shame and dignity.

More about Masada and Sengakuji


Video Preview


©Eyal Segal

Public domain videos can be viewed and shared with others as long as the authorship is credited and there is a link back to the website of the author. These videos cannot be altered in any way or used for commercial purpose nor cannot be displayed or exhibited without the consent of the artist.

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