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Columba Riot | MuazzIn


"Eyal Segal invades a deserted silo in the Arava dessert. The place is occupied by the pigeons choosing the building to be their home. They are settled in that space turning it into a filthy nest, each noise and rustle magnified within the expanse of the building. Similar to Hitchcocks's "The Birds", feelings of suffocation, anxiety and threat conquer the observer while viewing the scene. The building itself is fascinating in its design: the windows, the columns, the barrels – all consist and denunciate the pigeons of their filth and feathers. The human intervention comes to move, to comment and to intervene in the chorus of voices created in that space. The loud voices erupting in the deserted space replace the Muezzin prayers. This virtual zoo symbolizes a kind of settlement or invasion which leaves the man

redundant, orphaned with his remains as a figure of a hallucinatory architecture. The pigeon invaded this spectacular and terrifying space – got stuck and settled itself inside it as a prisoner getting used to his prison cell. The artist invaded the space, also suffocating from stench and from his battle with the pigeons. He transforms himself into an almost combative activist in the face of the animals dominating the space with their silence and indifference.”


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