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LOKO GALLERY is pleased announce the first solo exhibition in Japan by
Israeli artist Eyal Segal.


This exhibition is the result of a residency program that was made possible
through a collaboration between the gallery and Embassy of Israel in Japan
and also the partnership program of The Yebisu International Festival for
Art & Alternative Visions. The gallery will present a project entitled ‘Displace’ ,
which includes solo exhibitions by Japanese and Israeli artists.


The key word for Segal’ s work is ‘place’ . Here, memory, history, human
activities and the traces of particular places are epically drawn on the
screen. Furthermore, his video projects are composed and positioned such
that they mutually influence each other, creating a sublimated site-specific
installation in which the exhibition space itself forms an element of the
work. His solid video images are as if three-dimensional objects, and the
artist’ s own body appears on the screen and transforms the space as a
heavy bronze sculpture would.


The title of the exhibition, ‘GROUND LEVEL’ (= Ground State) refers to the
state in quantum mechanics with the lowest energy that an atom or molecule
can have. There is the least motion in that state. However, in this
exhibition, movement can be found in the videos. These are not only physical
displacements such as vertical and horizontal movements and rotation,
but the flow of history, circulation of images and exchanges of life and
death. Segal creates ‘GROUND LEVEL’ by balancing the energies of different
vectors in the multi-layered space of the gallery.


The last piece of the exhibition puzzle, which will be completed during the
residency period in Tokyo, has as motifs two stories of history involving life
and death in the two cultures, Judea and Japan. Focusing on the place as a
trace that continues to exist even after many years have gone by, Segal will
show the shapes of lost characters in the stories and in ourselves, who
exist in the same historical line as them.


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